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“The creation of the cellar goes back to 1985. With a first production of 3000 bts in the basement of the house of Cathy and Hubert Delobel, Le Perlé of redcurrant is launched!
In order to discover other tastes and scents,Le Perlé of raspberry is created then Le Perlé of cherry according to the same recipe.
Joined today by Romain and Martin, 2 of their sons, the tradition is assured. The family now produces 80,000 bts per year in a traditional way. The bottle, a family story; Benjamin, the eldest of the family is winegrower in the Loire. ”

We also produce

In addition to the Perlé, we manufacture other specialties on site:
 Ash, cider and jams.

Side savory, terrines and dishes cooked with Perlé are elaborated in 2 regional canneries.

The team